Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc

Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc.

Rock Cabin – Mt Wellington

Rock Cabin was built in the latter half of the 1930s, replacing a Log Cabin which was destroyed by fire in 1936.  As its name suggests, the Rock Cabin is built entirely of stone with a corrugated iron roof.  The rebuild was the work of Hobart Walking Club members under the supervision of Leo Luckman, a stonemason by trade.  When the Rock Cabin was vandalized in 1954 it was again the HWC which effected restoration and repairs.  The stone building, with its gabled roof, has a fireplace and large stone chimney and its basic interior includes a table and a bench while two small windows allow limited natural light. The hut is not intended for overnight camping, but provides an area for day walkers on the mountain to take a break or for emergency shelter in the event of bad weather.

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