Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc

Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc.

Cardboard Goblet – Bruny Island

In November 1935, the 21-ton auxiliary ketch “Swift”, sailed from Bruny Island bound for Hobart with 12,500 superfeet of sawn timber as cargo.  Rough weather however, caused the vessel to founder forcing the crew to escape in a dinghy and make their way safely to shore.  The “Swift” ultimately washed up on a beach in Moorina Bay and although the vessel was a loss, much of the cargo was eventually salvaged while the rest was at the mercy of the sand dunes.    Fifteen years later, in early 1951, a couple of mates on a camping trip happened upon the remains of the “Swift”, now partially uncovered by the ever-moving sand dunes.  They recovered sufficient timber to build a small hut complete with bunks. Originally the hut was lined with cardboard, hence the name Cardboard Goblet.  Over the years the hut was enlarged and masonite replaced the cardboard lining. The Cardboard Goblet, also referred to as Moorina Bay Hut, is a well hidden gem concealed by coastal heathland on beautiful Bruny Island.

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