Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc

Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc.

Luckmans Hut

Luckmans Hut located on Mt Wellington was originally built by various members of the Wellington Ski Club and the Hobart Walking Club and named after Leo Luckman, one of the earliest founding members of the Hobart Walking Club.

In past years when winter snow was much deeper on Mt. Wellington than it is in current times, the Wellington Ski Club fashioned a ski run across a scree field near Luckmans Hut which gave rise to the hut also being referred to as The Wellington Ski Club Hut.

By the early 1970s the ski run was no longer used and with the hut falling into disrepair, Roy Davies and other members of the walking club were pro-active with restoration and maintenance work at that time.  These days the floor is very wet and there is water seepage in the open fireplace making the single roomed hut, built of stone with a small window for natural light most unsuitable for overnight accommodation.

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