Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc

Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc.

Chester Mine Hut - Tullah

Well over a century ago, (circa 1908) the Chester Mine, owned by the Mt. Lyell Co., operated as both an open-pit and an underground mine. Pyrite, also known as Fools Gold, was the chief mineral sourced from the mine.  Chester Mine was located on the eastern side of Mount Kershaw, near Tullah on Tasmania’s West Coast.  On the lower slopes was the small settlement of Chester which served the miners and their families and consisted of, amongst other things, a post office and a hall where dances were often held.  This single-room hut, known as Chester Mine Hut or Kershaw Hut and in more recent times referred to as the Old Miners Hut is believed to have been built during the 1920s to service the mine workers.  During the 1950s, two local residents from Tullah saved the hut after it was discovered to have fallen into a severe state of disrepair.  During the 1980s/90s, the Rosebery-Tullah Venturers Unit carried out extensive repairs and restoration which guaranteed the Hut’s survival to present times.

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